3 Beauty Podcasts you can catch up with while WFH

3 Beauty Podcasts to listen to

Corona has got us at home, and working from home WFH. We can sweeten the deal by listening to a few our our favourite things. In my case it’s beauty chat. So without further ado, my top 3 beauty Podcasts that you can listen to while WFH.

  1. Breaking Beauty Podcast: Hosted by Canadian beauty insiders Jill Dunne and Carlene Higgins, this funny and informative podcast is full of a beauty junkies treasure. Origin stories, Tips and tricks and lots of new product launch details. This has it all. It is also resassuringly long. But not too tedious. Download it and subscribe, its a beauty lover’s nirvana.

2) Naked Beauty : Brooke DeVard hosts this podcast which has nothing to do with being in the buff, but all about buffing, and with a great deal of realism thrown in. I really enjoy the guests that Brooke interviews. Whilst Brooke herself is a woman of colour, and sure the podcast is peppered with topics relevant to WOC. The podcast isnt limited to the BME demographic. There are lots of natural recipes- DIY face masks, Face oils, Cleansing oils etc. And prepare for some effing and jeffing.

3) Outspoken Beauty by Nicola Bonn: Nicola is funny, a bit clueless but really engaging and has a lovely conversational style. She’s English too, and that wonderful self deprecating British humour comes through. Nicola also has the most wonderful guests, topics- stories, brand introductions and a great dose of realism- expect a bit of swearing, talk about sagging boobs and a great deal about red lipstick too.

I really miss the work commute and my podcast ” quality time”. The ones I’ve listed above is how I connect to the “old me”. These are my three podcast reccos, but I’d to hear yours. ~love Lav xx

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