The Ultimate lockdown Travel Beauty Videos

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So we are in the 5th week of lockdown and it seems like we will be staying put for the forseeable. The only thing that helps me atm is dreaming of travel and a long session of really chilling with YouTube / Netflix. Since we can only afford to dream of luxe and sunny destinations… I’m really bingeing on and this imho is the ultimate lockdown travel beauty video collection.

I’ve rounded some of the best and greatest around. ( I’m looking at you Naomi Campbell!) You can’t have missed this! You just have to type Naomi + Fly and this iconic, slightly OTT, but quintessentially divaeseque , totally Naomi Campbell video pops up.

This is the OG of flying Beauty videos . Actually, this is the OG of videos. End of.

I love it, its excessive, and something I can’t quite pull off myself. However these videos are some ones I enjoy watching on repeat and can relate to( with some OTT one’s thrown in there, cos we EXTRA baby!)

  • Lisa Eldridge. Ok This OG ( Original Goddess ) is a makeup and beauty legend who’s a Beauty Boss with her own beauty line and those who don’t know her should stop reading this, and press search in Google. You’re welcome. Anyway, Lisa has some sound, practical and non sheet mask-ey advice. Calm, soothing and totally cool- Lisa doesn’t disappoint. Lockdown viewing sorted.
  • Arshia Moorjani Arshia is an American content creator of Indian Origin who has quite an impact with her list videos. Do please watch her top 5 mac red lipsticks for brown girl vids etc. Her travel beauty video is both boujee and extra, without becoming OTT and annoying.
  • Jonathon Van Ness. Because he slays it like the absolute Queen that he is. This inflight routine is OG, yet relatable. Boujee, yet not OTT. Cool and sassy. Please hit subscribe faster than you can type. And maybe one day, when lockdown is over- we can emulate this travel routine.
  • Matilda Matilda is an Aussie blogger who has made it big with stop motion style videos of her edits. Her travel bag contents read like a dream. And I’d not only hit subscribe faster than you can say Joey. But also save this to your travel beauty collection. ( wait, i sincerely hope you save your vids).
  • Huda of Huda beauty needs no introduction. Apart from being a trailblazer in the blogging world and launching her own beauty line to enormous success. The latest video is a treat and an aspiration. She flew her family, and team First Class. (I’d love to be in her team. A girl can dream!)
  • Jamie Genevieve. I love an accent and an intelligent person in an accent is lovelier still. Her extra AF beauty routine before and during a transatlantic flight and her humour is so relatable. She packs an extra pair of knickers in her carry-on… just in case. LOL right?

My Top 3 in flight must haves

  1. Hand Sanitiser
  2. Lip Balm
  3. Moisturiser

Everything else is optional, and totally acceptable. Most fellow passengers are side eyeing the free booze to pay you any mind anyway. And since we are probably only travelling from our bathroom to our bedrooms atm. We can aspire to and dream of luxury beauty, travel beauty routines and flying to exotic locations.

Do you like this #lockdown roundup of Inflight beauty routines ? Which one of these was your favourite? Do you have any others you like that I haven’t listed? Please let me know more in comments below~~ Lav xx

(OK confession time- please don’t judge me! I have this thing for inflight beauty. By this I mean, I pack a travel beauty bag, which i decant and use up every two weeks. And I don’t travel much at all. I do it for the fun of it. So this Lockdown period is just enabling me to keep changing the combo, adding and deleting beauty products. Repacking a travel beauty case. Because- you never know ;))

If you liked this list, have a gander at my other post ( bit oTT now I think, but have a laugh…) or this one which talks about exfoliating powders I love (no liquid, yayy!)

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