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Unmasking my mask drawer- the DUPE EDITION: Part Uné

If 2016 was about strobing, 2017 was all about the mask. We had sheet masks, clay masks, bubble masks, Gold masks, dry masks, silicone masks,…

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Affordable serums for parched skins. #shopyourstash

I need all the help I can get for that funny shade of grey-iege that I become and I look to serums to layer under my skincare. Today I'm talking about the kind that infuse your skin with pure hydrating ingredients.(The over 30's should be using a serum with active ingredients at night, this I would use in the day) Your skin drinks it up and it instantly looks dewy. It's been the buzzword for skin care for a while, but glow has never gotten more love than in 2017

My work makeup bag

What I was trying to say was that going to office is my daily reality. I do really love my day job, but it's as far removed from the beauty-sphere as can be possible. And I must admit that sat at my desk I still  make sure I have a few essentials that help me get through the day, either because of their functionality or just because...