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The Happiest Foundation in the world…Meet Benefit’s Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation

Life can only get better from here right? The packaging has manga'esque" vibes and shoot me now for admitting this, but I love it. First... lets talk about the packaging , it comes in a simple squeezy bottle with a metallic pink cap. Nothing fancy, not too many graphics which I like...


Elf Prep & Hydrate Balm… first impressions

My first thoughts were, though I've never used the Milk Makeup cooling stick this does sound like a dupe. But since, I've never really used the Milk cooling Stick, I can't really do a side by side comparison . But what I can say is this ,I've loved using it to hydrate skin, both on top of makeup at work, instead of a mist, which don't get me wrong- I do love

Marc Jacobs Gel Highliners…Mini review

I had been sitting on my hands when it came to these, for the longest time. The L-O-N-G-E-S-T time. Everyone and their Aunt Millicent has been raving about these, but let's be honest. Its £20. Ok…so we’ve got the only painful bit about these out of the way.

39 thoughts at 39…

Anyway, I've turned 39 today and instead of sticking to a blog post on skincare, I've had some thoughts on life which I thought I'd share .I've been noting a thought a day for the last 39 days, so it's kind of a 39 thoughts done over 39 days, to celebrate my 39th birthday.  Hashtag almost 40 babe...