3 Beauty Podcasts you can catch up with while WFH

Corona has got us at home, and working from home WFH. We can sweeten the deal by listening to a few our our favourite things. In my case it's beauty chat. So without further ado, my top 3 beauty Podcasts that you can listen to while WFH

Love in the time of Corona- my top 3 Nourishing Face Masks

This Corona virus has really taken 2020 by a storm, erm pandemic. I am taking this time "off" to do some long drawn out beauty rituals. These calm my corona-stressed skin, and show it some much deserved love. My face has been enjoying the attention, and going foundation free is making me glow! All this indoor air is drying me out a touch- and I've been using nourishing masks to help hydrate and replenish my parched skin...