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Sali Hughes In John Lewis Leeds

A conversation with Sali Hughes- Top tips for Beauty on the go!

Don’t press pause, don’t press reset. I have indeed attended a workshop with Sali Hughes. No I am not kidding. I was this close. THIS, CLOSE. And she said Hi. I’m not a bezzie, but she knows I exist? Okay? I learnt some top Makeup Artist ( MUA) tricks for putting on beauty products on

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keep calm im only 39 happy-birthday to me

39 thoughts at 39…

Anyway, I’ve turned 39 today and instead of sticking to a blog post on skincare, I’ve had some thoughts on life which I thought I’d share .I’ve been noting a thought a day for the last 39 days, so it’s kind of a 39 thoughts done over 39 days, to celebrate my 39th birthday. ¬†Hashtag almost 40 babe…

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